VisioSim : Simulation Software for Microsoft Visio

VisioSim is an integrated business process discrete event simulation tool that allows you to animate & analyze your Visio flowcharts.

Product info

Watch your process come to life and predict future performance!


Convert your Visio Flowcharts to simulations instantly! No need to start building a simulation from scratch, VisioSim does this for you! You can even add additional simulation properties inside Visio.

Test change scenarios
in a risk free environment! VisioSim lets you ask 'what if' and try out things that would be too costly, too time consuming or too impractical in reality.

View Animations of your Visio Process Flowcharts. Get to physically see how work flows around this and all the interactions between and across functions.

Analyze key performance data
relating to the processes in your flowchart and predict future performance.